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An older piece.

"Night Moves"

Monday, March 2, 2015

"He Was A Little, Little Man"

"He Was A Little, Little Man"

A thought...

A thought I had about a year ago that I ended up living out. With no regrets.
For this to be the home of the brave... I'm seeing too many cowards out there lately.
Too many "poor me" babies afraid to move a single inch out of their comfort zone.
Sleep too long and you might wake up finding you've been eaten by time and those who don't give a damn.
Wake up, walk outside and look up at the sky. It's not going to fall on you I promise...
I've always been a risk taker, but always looked before I leaped. However... sometimes you just have to spin the wheel if you want to find out where it's going to land at.


So to begin with I'd like to share a few things I wrote not so very long ago.
To all my friends who have been feeling down & out the past few years... Here is something I would like to share with you. For what it might be worth to you my friends... for what it might be worth to you.
It's a poem I wrote in the mid90s during a brief in between things/times, etc period in life.
When I was asked back in 1999 which one of my poems I wanted included in the Greatest Poets of the 20th Century book I chose this one.
A bit of failure for your cup?
Quite a bitter taste.
Somewhat rough to stomach?
A key to the door of grace!
Maybe you should slow you pace,
To see what was lost in your haste.
For maybe a clever martyr,
Shall become a new-born child with less waste...
As does the eagle fly,
Yet stops upon a branch to rest.
So as to collect upon its strength,
And take off upon its best.
With a single breath, comes a single phrase,
Not a tumble of words, that drain into a craze.
Lost in that maze?
Take down then, thyself to the table to graze,
And to yourself, you might amaze...
-Russell William Penninger-

My beautiful family

My wife Heather with our two children Hayden and Ella (making the crazy eyes, lol).

My wonderful wife Heather and I.