Monday, March 2, 2015


So to begin with I'd like to share a few things I wrote not so very long ago.
To all my friends who have been feeling down & out the past few years... Here is something I would like to share with you. For what it might be worth to you my friends... for what it might be worth to you.
It's a poem I wrote in the mid90s during a brief in between things/times, etc period in life.
When I was asked back in 1999 which one of my poems I wanted included in the Greatest Poets of the 20th Century book I chose this one.
A bit of failure for your cup?
Quite a bitter taste.
Somewhat rough to stomach?
A key to the door of grace!
Maybe you should slow you pace,
To see what was lost in your haste.
For maybe a clever martyr,
Shall become a new-born child with less waste...
As does the eagle fly,
Yet stops upon a branch to rest.
So as to collect upon its strength,
And take off upon its best.
With a single breath, comes a single phrase,
Not a tumble of words, that drain into a craze.
Lost in that maze?
Take down then, thyself to the table to graze,
And to yourself, you might amaze...
-Russell William Penninger-

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